Pond restoration, pond repairs and pond maintenance.

This can range from a partial or complete rebuild of a failing or dilapidated pond to annual maintenance of overgrown aquatic plants.

Some examples include:

  • Excavation of silted and overgrown ponds. See example
  • Maintenance or eradication of overgrown water plants in ponds, lakes and streams.
  • Reinstatement of eroded banks and installation of erosion control.
  • Restoration of leaking clay ponds and dew ponds using a synthetic rubber membrane. See example
  • Repairs to leaking dams. See example
  • Repairs to leaking concrete ponds using an applied GRP (fibreglass) lining.
  • Restoration of leaking liner ponds.
Large pond restoration, Dorset
This large and deep pond near Fonthill Gifford was suffering from a significant accumulation of silt.

Pond renovation

This is a broad topic and the projects are often challenging. In our normal areas of operation, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire, there are thousands of ponds in private ownership and every year many of these will require some form of restoration or improvement. For us, this work ranges from fairly straightforward to ‘almost impossible’. However, we have yet to fail to restore an old pond to its former glory. Often a pond restoration is more rewarding than a new build as we return a dried up eyesore in the heart of a garden to a thing of beauty.

Our most common type of pond renovation involves the installation of a new liner in a leaking pond.

These ponds are often in mature gardens surrounded by lawns, shrubs, planting beds and trees. This makes access difficult but probably the hardest task (after removing the silt, water plants, tree roots, and detritus) is creating a clean, level and stable pond edge on which we can install the new liner. Because the work is so time-consuming the cost can equal that of building a new pond.

We find the commonest cause of leaks are in clay ponds that have been built using imported clay to cover a porous substrate. Clay is rarely a good choice as a liner. It might seem good in theory and look good straight after installing but the chances are it will leak before too long.

Click here for clay pond construction.

Bentomat it also another pond liner that commonly leaks. This is often due to incorrect installation. PVC and plastic liners are also often unreliable. Synthetic rubber membranes are the most reliable and Greenseal EPDM or Firestone liners are what we use most often. The oldest one we know of was installed in the 1960’s and is still in excellent condition. However, to be on the safe side we always recommend they are buried under soil or gravel in the margins, to avoid being damaged.

Pond maintenance

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Leaking liner pond restoration, Hampshire
Several tonnes of spoil were removed.
Pond restoration, Newbury...
Pond restoration, Newbury…
...and after refilling and planting.
…and after refilling and planting.
Large pond restoration, Dorset
25 tonne and 8 tonne excavators are used to carry out the work.

We create beautiful natural surroundings that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. From very large ponds to boardwalks, small garden ponds and swimming ponds, our work covers a broad range of water-based construction and restoration projects. 

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Our work covers a broad range of subjects including pond building, lake construction, pond and lake restoration, pond maintenance, pond repairs, pond decking and other water-based landscaping projects in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Salisbury, Andover, Winchester and Newbury. Other areas considered.