Pond decking, bridges, boardwalks and jetties.

Decking, bridges, boardwalks and jetties can all add variety in and around the pond.

We design, build and repair these accessories from oak, cedar, greenheart, larch and pressure treated softwood.

Pond decking

A deck that extends from the lawn and overhangs the water can be a beautiful and functional addition to a new or existing pool.


Wetland habitat is interesting, valuable and can be very attractive. In order to appreciate the fauna and flora found in boggy ground at close quarters, it is necessary to build some sort of dry access.

A timber boardwalk will provide easy access through wet or boggy areas and if built from suitable timber will last a very long time.

The inclusion of a boardwalk through the planted boggy ground at the rim of a pond or lake can also make an interesting addition to the landscape.

Boardwalk and decking.
Wooden bridge during construction.
Bridge over Hampshire river.
Steps & decking on a Berkshire pond

We create beautiful natural surroundings that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. From very large ponds to boardwalks, small garden ponds and swimming ponds, our work covers a broad range of water-based construction and restoration projects.  

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Our work covers a broad range of subjects including pond building, lake construction, pond and lake restoration, pond maintenance, pond repairs, pond decking and other water-based landscaping projects in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Salisbury, Andover, Winchester and Newbury. Other areas considered.