Large pond restoration, Dorset.

This large and deep pond near Fonthill Gifford was suffering from a significant accumulation of silt.

Large pond restoration, Dorset

 This was becoming a problem for the owner whose family like to swim here so the decision was made to drain the pond and dig out the silt.

To enable this a trench was cut in the bank and the water was slowly drained as the trench was deepened in stages.

Initially, the silt was 1 metre deep before digging down to a firm clay base. With the water low and the silt gone it was an ideal opportunity to build a cedar deck over the 4 metre deep pond.

The images below show how we completed the brief 
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Large pond restoration, Dorset
25 tonne and 8 tonne excavators are used to carry out the work.
Large pond restoration, Dorset
Large tree trunks were used at various points to ensure the 25 tonne digger didn’t get stuck in the soft clay.
Large pond restoration, Dorset
The cedar frame of the decking is installed.
Large pond restoration, Dorset
Cedar boards are fixed in place and the deck is finished. Now we just need water!

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