Syon house conservatory pond, London.

We built this formal pond for the owner of Syon House in West London.

The pond stands in the Great Conservatory and because of the high temperature is able to sustain the growth of  water cannas and tropical waterlilies including the unusual blue flowering varieties.

 To guarantee water retention and for a perfect finish the pond had a  black GRP (fibreglass) membrane applied to the internal rendered blockwork. The outside is clad in the same Bath Stone that Syon House is built from.

Follow this link for an overview of formal pond construction.

The images below show how we completed the brief    (click on expanded image for slideshow)   

Plaque inside The Great Conservatory at Syon House.

The site was cleared of the existing water feature.

Concrete blockwork was used to create the main structure. The inside was then rendered.

GRP (fibreglass) was then applied to the concrete render coat to provide a durable waterproof surface.The outside of the blockwork was then clad in 75mm thick Bath stone slabs.

 Once the solvents had evaporated from the GRP the pond was filled and planted.

A water pump and filter were fitted to maintain water quality and create movement on the surface. Black dye was added to enhance reflections.

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