Natural pond construction, Andover, Hampshire.

The owners of this property wanted a large pond to add character and ecological diversity to this new and rather featureless part of the garden covering several acres.

The area was flat and open, so in addition to the pond, extensive tree planting was carried out and the Yew hedging was extended from the house to add character and connect the garden to the landscape beyond.

As with many of our ponds we constructed it in such a way as to make it safe, comfortable and practical for swimming with the inclusion of a gently sloping submerged gravel beach and a diving platform.

Follow this link for an overview of building a natural pond. 

The images below show how we completed the brief   (click on expanded image for slideshow)

The 0.75mm Greenseal butyl membrane is laid on top of a 3mm thick protective underlay.

The following Summer the white waterlilies are flourishing.

Around the diving platform the Typha angustifolia (narrow leaved reedmace) hold their shape until the dead plant material is cut down to below water level in early Spring.

Large limestone boulders were placed in the shallow beach area with a sparse planting of Juncus inflexus.

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