Leaking liner pond restoration, Hampshire.

The existing Bentomat bentonite liner was leaking and was replaced with a protected Greenseal EPDM liner.

Access to this site was limited and we had to rebuild the complete pond with minimal damage to the surrounding lawns, trees and plant borders. Ground mats were used to protect the grass and several tonnes of detritus from within and around the pond were removed from the site. Grass seed and grass turf were used on the new pond edge and marginal plants and waterlilies planted in the pond.


Click here for an overview of pond restoration.

The images below show how we completed the brief   (click on expanded image for slideshow)

Work begins to clear the existing pond of detritus and silt.

Several tonnes of spoil were removed.

This is just after we had finished, taken from the same viewpoint.

...and from the other direction.

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