Pond maintenance

It should be noted that two or three years after construction, and sometimes sooner, plant growth may well have progressed to a stage that requires a small amount of annual pond maintenance. Even on a large pond this need not be a major task if done on a little and often basis.

Dead plant material should be removed from the pond, preferably before new growth appears above the surface of the pond in the spring although aquatic plant maintenance can be carried out at any time of the year. Plants that are out-growing their planting beds or containers should be pruned back. If a small amount of regular maintenance isn't carried out then plant growth can soon get out of hand often resulting in a time consuming and expensive exercise in restoring the pond to its former state.

Water plants in containers, particularly waterlilies, should be fed using slow release fertiliser tabs such as Osmacote. These should be pushed well down into the soil to prevent nutrients leaching into the water.

Pump filters should be checked and cleaned. Depending on the design of the pump this might need doing several times a year.


Overgrown waterlilies and pond weed.

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