Aquatic planting

The water plants shown in the pictures on this website were supplied and planted by us.

Correct aquatic plant choice is important if a balanced aquatic environment is to be achieved and is based on a number of factors. These include growth rates, suitability for their intended location, they must be of benefit to wildlife and of course have aesthetic value.

Aquatic plants fall into five main categories: submerged plants which will oxygenate the water, floating plants, deep and shallow marginal plants and bog plants.

Nymphaea escarboucle

We are able to supply and plant a range of predominantly native, mature aquatic plants for any lake, pond or stream.

Marginal plants are supplied bare root, as individual mature plants equivalent to a 1-litre pot size.

Waterlilies are supplied in 30 litre containers only. They can be removed from their containers or left in to control spread.  If removed their growth must be controlled once the lily bed has reached its required size.

Please contact us to discuss requirements and availability.

Nymphaea gladstoniana.
Iris pseudacorus - yellow-flag iris.
Typha angustifolia in Winter
White waterlilies.

We create beautiful natural surroundings that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. From very large ponds to boardwalks, small garden ponds and swimming ponds, our work covers a broad range of water-based construction and restoration projects.  

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Our work covers a broad range of subjects including pond construction, lake construction, pond and lake restoration, pond maintenance, pond repairs, pond decking and other water-based landscaping projects in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Bucks, Salisbury, Winchester, Andover, Newbury, and London.